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Thanks guys! :-D

@Ryan: Unfortunately I'm disallowed by my employer to release any code before I go through a painful process of Conflict of Interest. I think it's worth trying that route so I'll start working in that direction :) About the web version... It's in progress!! My brother is taking care of the web stuff (he likes node.js but I hate it). We have something that works "some times" in which we can throw some heroes in the same dungeon. That's fun. However, that's still not polished enough to be shown. The GUI that I've released was intended as the "debugging arena" to create your own heroes before submitting them to the online arena.

@Paige: I hope you can try it in a VM. I was about to use Qt instead of WPF for the GUI (the core is in C++ anyway), but their non-open-source license put me off the idea. And I don't like GTK... :(

Btw: did I send this announcement twice? I though I sent it yesterday, but I couldn't find the email in the archives, so I sent it again today... I hope it's not too spammy.

On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 8:18 PM, Paige DePol <> wrote:
Alejandro Cámara <> wrote:

> Hey Lua list!
> I've made a "game" that allows you code an AI (hero) in Lua. You can set your hero loose in a random-generated dungeon to explore it. You can also make your hero detect and attack other heroes in the dungeon.
> ATM the (Windows-only) app is quite rough and the exposed API doesn't provide enough to code something really cool. In any case, I wanted to show this pet project to the Lua experts in case any of you are interested in trying it. Any comment will be greatly appreciated! :-)
> If you have time, here's the link:
> Kind regards!
> Álex

Looks like your game might be fun to tinker with, though I use OS X so would have to set up some sort of virtual machine to try it out.

Though I did sit there and try to click the user elements in your screenshot for far longer than I should have... time for bed I think! ;)

Good luck with your project!