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Dear Lua Community,

Our port of LuaJIT v2.1 development branch to PowerPC 64 Little Endian
Architecture can be found below (Debian packages also available):

This port has proven its stability by running successfully the following Lua

 * ansicolors
 * ljsyscall (port needed and merged)
 * lua-term
 * luacrypto
 * luafun
 * luarocks
 * luasec
 * penlight
 * sha1
 * torch7
 * turbo (port needed and merged)
 * vida

More information about those softwares can be found at:

We'd like to have this port available to the community of LuaJIT by having it
officially integrated with LuaJIT rather than having a fork. If something is not
compliant in order to be merged, please let us know.

Kind Regards,

Fabio Vinicius Moreira Perez
Gustavo Serra Scalet
Leonardo Bianconi