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On 19/07/2015 19:38, Dirk Laurie wrote:
2015-07-19 19:17 GMT+02:00 Lorenzo Donati <>:
On 17/06/2015 13:23, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

Lua 5.3.1 has been frozen and is now available at

MD5     a1b0a7e92d0c85bbff7a8d27bf29f8af
SHA1    1c46d1c78c44039939e820126b86a6ae12dadfba

I just downloaded that package and checked its signatures. I get a mismatch
for both:

MD5: 797adacada8d85761c079390ff1d9961
SHA1: 1676c6a041d90b6982db8cef1e5fb26000ab6dee

I checked with several programs I have and I got the same results. I also
tried to re-download the package, fearing a corrupted download. Nope, just
the same results.

Is it just me or what else? Thanks!

Probably just you.

I get the correct checksums, having downloaded the
package on June 17 and again now. I used wget.
How did you download it?

I used Firefox under Windows 7.

If you've seen the other branch of the thread it seems I was right. Luiz posted the wrong signatures.

So probably you have a problem if you got those old signatures for Lua 5.3.0 downloading 5.3.1. I don't know wget, so I can't tell what could have gone wrong.


-- Lorenzo