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On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 5:20 PM, Paul K <> wrote:
>> Slightly off topic, but since it's been brought up a few times in this thread... Has anyone out there written a "human-readable" patch/wrapper for LPEG? Every time I try to look at a non-trivial example, my brain starts to melt.
> There is "re", which gives you access to most (all?) functionality of
> LPEG while following a more familiar syntax. Even though I'm very
> familiar with regexps, I now find LPEG expressions easier to read than
> corresponding "re" scripts, but it's probably a matter of experience.

I enjoy using LPeg's re module extensively.

There are some things you cannot do directly in re.  For example, back
captures.  (As opposed to back references, which can be done in re.)

Indirectly, you can use LPeg to create a back capture, and then use
that pre-created back capture via the %name syntax in re.