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> On 14/07/2015 23:51, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> > And if you really need compatibilty with Lua 5.1, you can even build
> > Lua 5.3 with LUA_COMPAT_5_1 on or just LUA_COMPAT_UNPACK.
> I don't know what end-users are going to build with. Having multiple
> versions of a version doesn't help here.

You cannot control what end-users are going to build, but you can
control how you build Lua for your tests. When you migrate to a
new version, you should test it against the new version with all
compatibilities off. (For instance, you would have immediately detected
the problem with 'unpack' when you adapted the code to 5.2.)

-- Roberto