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On 10.07.2015 19:07, Tom N Harris wrote:

Using FFI here seems like driving a finishing nail with a sledgehammer. Were
you aware of the native winapi[1] bindings?

Yes but they are very specific. I can't just map windows dll's and functions "dynamically".

FFI isn't just an extra dependency for you to carry, it's also very, very slow
unless you're using LuaJIT.

This is just a point of view. Considering my requirement (not my choice) i can rewrite the sentence:

"When using FFI it's the only dependency i have to carry, even if's very slow."

Sometimes speed is not a problem if slow things are used wisely. One the requirement are: only recompile "the core" if it's mandatory.
Lua with LuaFFI seems to solve all of the requirements.

Anyway, thank you for the information about winapi and the example for the lightuserdata! I will think about that :)