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On 11 July 2015 at 21:30, Brigham Toskin <> wrote:
> I'm curious what prompted you to experiment with libgccjit if you were
> already working with llvm. Was it a specific limitation you were bumping
> against, or are you just exploring options to see what you like best/gives
> you the best performance? Have you also looked at GNU libjit? That one might
> be x86 only; I'm not sure what their platform support looks like, or if it's
> actively maintained any more, actually.

Well alternatives are always good. I still haven't been able to
achieve the performance of LuaJIT so needed to be sure that this was
not because of a limitation in LLVM but rather due to inefficient
translation on my part.

I did look at libjit but it is not maintained alas. Also without
optimization support the performance will not be very good - just
translating to JIT isn't helpful for a dynamic language like Lua.