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On 20/06/2015 07:54, KHMan wrote:
(4) Lua may not look like it's gonna storm any of the popularity contests like TIOBE
anytime soon, but who cares, IMHO Lua users are too busy building apps to devote time to
popularity propaganda.

Well, its place in Tiobe isn't so bad, either...

I slightly disagree: while it is pointless to do propaganda for the sake of proselytism, having (one of your) favorite language(s) to be popular allows you to use it at work, instead of only has a hobby... :-)

Of course, you can do propaganda at the local level (at your work!).
Which can be easier with a "side" language (scripting / glue / etc.) like Lua. ;-)
Ie. you might not convince your boss to code the next big project in Lua, but you can convince him to use Lua in the project.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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