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On 01/07/15 04:29, Sean Conner wrote:
From files, like '/usr/local/include/lua.h' or from any type of device that uses a file handle? I only ask this because using select() on an actual file (like '/usr/local/include/lua.h') will *always* be readable and writable---i.e. there's just no use in using select() for files [1] as Linux does some aggressive memory caching. select() [2] works much better for sockets and character devices like /dev/tty.

Yes, is for device files that block reads when there is no data. And for plain files too.

To get the underlying file descriptor from a FILE *, you need to use the C function fileno().
I see... Then luasocket can not be used on it's own for this purpose, I need another chunk o C code somewhere. I my environment luasocket is the only external library available, so some rethinking is needed.

Is there any working code out there doing this?
   For files?  I don't know, but it would be similar with files (as sockets
are file handles).

I was thinking code preparing a file handle for serving with luasocket. There seems to be some weird dancing involved with creating a connected socket, replacing its fd, then invalidating something setting a fd of -1, etc.