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On Sun, May 24, 2015 at 11:47 AM, Александр Машин <> wrote:
> This is close to what I want.
> However, there are some issues:

> 1) can I make outer table's indices strings: ['full'] not [1], ['items'] not
> [2]? I experimented with named group captures but unsuccessfully.

Unsuccessfully meaning what?  I've used named group captures successfully.

> 2) can the number of nested captures be reduced?

Not sure what you mean.

> 3) most importantly: I want a string constant (e.g. "Name::") to be inserted
> after any found <unescapedopen>;

Try: ''->'Name::'  (Match an empty string and capture Name::)

I only took a quick glance at your email, so any of my advice could be wrong.