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Am 19.05.2015 um 10:33 schröbte Philipp Janda:

Thanks very much! I can confirm that a single explicit return value
fixes the behavior of the test script on Lua 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 (an empty
`return` is insufficient). Unfortunately, in my original code where I
encountered the problem I already had an explicit return value (and it
still doesn't work except on LuaJIT). I'll try to come up with an
updated test case.

As promised here the updated test case. Interestingly, which local variables get garbled depends on which local variable I return (unfortunately the original code is primarily used on module chunks where I often return the first local I define (`local M = {}`)) ...

Output (variable `b` is returned from `func`):

    func	a	10
    func	b	table: 0x11b3da0
    func	c	function: 0x11b4200
    func	d	true
    func	e	string

    HOOK	a	10
    HOOK	b	table: 0x11b3da0
    HOOK	c	table: 0x11af7b0
    HOOK	d	function: 0x11af590
    HOOK	e	5


local function func()
  local a = 10
  local b = {}
  local c = function() end
  local d = true
  local e = "string"
  local ii, name, value = 2, debug.getlocal( 1, 1 )
  while name do
    if #name == 1 then
      print( "func", name, value )
    ii, name, value = ii+1, debug.getlocal( 1, ii )
  return b

local function hook()
  if debug.getinfo( 2, "f" ).func == func then
    local i, name, value = 2, debug.getlocal( 2, 1 )
    while name do
      if #name == 1 then
        print( "HOOK", name, value )
      i, name, value = i+1, debug.getlocal( 2, i )

debug.sethook( hook, "r" )