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2015-05-16 22:51 GMT+08:00 Roberto Ierusalimschy <>:

Certainly it is "possible", but it is not in my plans at all.

BTW, one of the main problems we have with the GC is how to evaluate it.
We have with us very few real programs that stress the GC. Several times
we asked in the list for more real-case examples, but there has been
very little response. (It is true that many real-case Lua programs need
extensive external libraries or programs and, therefore, are hard to
be used in experiments...)

Thank you for your response. I'm afraid I can't provide the example either.
The current GC works well in out client application( on PC and mobile phone,
where the bottleneck is graphics engine, not lua vm), but sometimes it seems not
 as effective in our server side programs. The code base is big and private
to my company, and the GC problem usually occurs when the load is heavy....

Zenk Ju