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Hello, everyone!

Sailor is an MVC Framework and you can use it to make web development in Lua and I'm releasing a new version today during GeeCON 2015. 

What's new from Sailor v0.2 Mars?
  * Friendly urls
  * Inspect function for better debugging => similar to a var dump
  * Custom 404 pages
  * Runs over Lighttpd, Xavante and Lwan web servers
  * Relations
  * Model generation (reading from DB)
  * CRUD generation (reading from model)
  * Theme and layout (now you can have multiple layouts inside a theme. e.g. 1-column and 2-column)
  * Bug fixes and general improvements

What's coming next?
 * Integration with a test suite
 * Improvements of Lua on the client side
 * Integration with mod_lua's DB API and DB module refactor
 * Improvements in the ORM

Quick install example for Unix, using Xavante web server:
luarocks install sailor
sailor_create "my app" /var/www
cd /var/www/my_app
lua start-server.lua

ATTENTION: If you are upgrading from version 0.2.1 to 0.3 you might have an issue with shared files during app creation. If it's the case, then you need to remove the current sailor version before installing the new one.

More information on how to install using different a different setup / environment, tutorials and reference manual:

For contributions just make a pull request on github, if you find a bug, please fill an issue.

If you want to donate for more time investment in the development of project and travel expenses for promoting it on conferences:

The license is MIT, use at will! Feedback is much appreciated.

Etiene Dalcol