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On 07-May-15 08:53, Tom N Harris wrote:
Of course the other way to wrap a compatibility function with new syntax is

     local bor = bit32 and bit32.bor
                or load[[return function(a, b) return a | b end]]()

But a module has its own obvious advantages.

Yes, I needed those functions in more than one of my modules, so a separate module was more convenient.

Apart from this, I thought about the above method (after my first mistake), but my innate optimizer protested "why multiple loadings? Your ration for today only allows one". So I thought of grouping all of them into a single 'load' and at that point I realized I was trying to reinvent the module :-)

(by the way: I really like the simplicity, clarity and convenience of modules just returning a table. Thanks to the Lua authors for getting things ever simpler and more powerful!)