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On 06-May-15 17:26, Philipp Janda wrote:
Lua 5.3 still includes the bit32 module (at least when compiled with
compatibility flags). Also, the latest bit32 backport in the LuaRocks
repository compiles for Lua 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3. And last, I think Roberto
mentioned that the test suite for Lua 5.3 includes a pure Lua
implementation of bit32 if you want to go that route (it's in

Ops, I missed the last point, thanks. But in any case I prefer to use only what is documented in the reference manual, that states "The bit32 library has been deprecated". Those few lines solved the problem for me.

I have the usual distribution problem here: most users do not know how (or have no wish) to compile Lua or libraries, especially on Windows; just having to download the interpreter is enough to discourage some. Many of them are Arduino IDE-level programmers, or non-programmers at all.

Therefore, for generic system-independent applications I try to stay with stock Lua... and even so I am often asked "why did you not use Python?".