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Hello list!

In the name of the LuaRocks development team, I'm happy to announce
LuaRocks 2.2.2. LuaRocks is a package management system for Lua
modules. (For more information, please visit )

Those of you who installed LuaRocks 2.1.0 or later by using "make bootstrap" on
Unix may upgrade by simply running:

   luarocks install luarocks

What's new since 2.2.1:

* `luarocks build --only-deps` and `luarocks install --only-deps` for
installing dependencies only
* Mercurial support
* Improved command-line argument parser, now validates arguments (it
previously ignored unrecognized arguments) and accepts both
`--flag=option` and `--flag option` in flags that take arguments.
* For consistency with `luarocks show`, `luarocks doc --homepage` is
now `luarocks doc --home`
* Improvements to CMake build backend
* Improved Makefiles for handling simultaneous bootstrapped installations
* ""; is the default rocks server URL
* Various bugfixes

This release features new commits by myself, Ignacio Burgueño, Thijs
Schreijer, John Szakmeister, Xpol Wan and Peter Melnichenko. The new server is maintained by Leaf Corcoran. We thank everyone
who sent comments, submitted bug reports and contributed rockspecs to
the repository!

As always, all kind of feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, enjoy!

-- Hisham