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>] On Behalf Of Jan Lühr
> Sent: woensdag 8 april 2015 10:46
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> Subject: Session-Handling Using Orbit?
> Hello folks,
> being new to WebDevelopment in Lua I stumbled up on orbit:
> The framework looks nice, but I cannot figure out how to handle sessions. Is
> there some plugin, etc.?
> I don't like to implement session handling by myself, since this code is
> security-related and error prone.
> .. there were some exploits on session hijacking concerning different
> languages / frameworks in the past.
> Thanks,
> Jan

I was hoping on some input on this, as I've struggling with the same issue. Anyone?


PS. This is a resend because I only saw too late that it was on the kepler mailing list, so now forwarding to the Lua list, hoping for a response....
And as such would it be an idea to remove the Kepler list (due to the low traffic)? Or point it here?