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On 19/04/2015 17:48, Andrew Starks wrote:
On Sunday, April 19, 2015, Dirk Laurie <> wrote:

2015-04-19 14:27 GMT+02:00 Lorenzo Donati <


Please, don't highjack threads like this (it's not the first time you do

If you want to begin a new thread send a new mail message to the mailing
list with a new subject, don't reply to another thread changing its

It is unfortunate when a post amounting to the policing of netiquette
itself commits a solecism. In this case, the post I have quoted contains
literally a pair of brackets enclosing three dots. Clicking on it dos not
reveal extra text, so it is not possible to tell from the post alone which
previous post is being criticised.

...nor was it possible to do so from reading the thread. I could only
guess that he meant me and my diversion into __index. It wasn't
disrespectful or *that* off topic.


Sorry if my netiquette policing was misunderstood. I was replying to user and my message shows up correctly in my mail client as I answered his post.

I omitted all the previous messages as they weren't relevant to my complaint, and I wanted to avoid adding noise to the thread (I didn't want to make other people browse down to see I was just complaining about netiquette and neither did want to top post).

Sorry if something went wrong. As I said, in my client (Thunderbird) my message correctly shows up in the highjacked thread as a reply to the hijacker.

BTW, I didn't wont to sound harsh to the hijacker, but I was in a hurry
and when browsing through past messages I noticed that user already did it once, so I meant to be informative, not unwelcoming.

-- Lorenzo