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rapidjson was released as json, now renamed to rapidjson.

It is a very fast json module for LuaJIT and Lua 5.1/5.2 based on the very fast json library  RapidJSON.

Notable changes in 0.2.1:

* Rename module to `rapidjson`.
* Added `option.sort_keys` option to `rapidjson.encode()` and `rapidjson.dump()`, and default value for `sort_keys` is `false`.
* Added `rapidjson._NAME` (`"rapidjson"`) and `rapidjson._VERSION`.
* `rapidjson.object()` and `rapidjson.array()` just set metatable field `__jsontype` to `'object'` and `'array'` it passed table already have a metatable.
* dump return value of `false` rather than `nil` when errors.

Best Regards!

Xpol Wan
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