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On Friday, March 20, 2015, biswajit neog <> wrote:
How can i delete my post and my trace(name) from this link??will unsubscribing do the trick?

On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 11:26 AM, biswajit neog <> wrote:
Hello Dirk
Thank you for your reply.It did give me a clue where to start looking.

However, Is there any other forum where I can go and where I am not  judged or bullied for my questions(no matter how trivial they may be)??As I mentioned I have gone through the notes, but i could NOT understand. Not everyone is born a programmer.

Anyways thank you for your time.


Your question was fine. Dirk is a single person on this list and he has an uneven relationship with grace, even as he remains one of my favorite posters and I always pay closer attention to what he writes. 

The Internet is a big place. Please: welcome to this list and welcome to Lua! If you have sampled other lists / forms for similar projects, I think that you will find Lua's to be distinct and valuable. 

I too found it extremely difficult to learn Lua, until I bought and read Programming in Lua. It's not only the best book on Lua, it remains one of my favorite books on programming (although Head First C is right in there). 

Above all, please don't make the mistake of intolerance, only because you feel that someone treated you that way. Study, and when you're stuck, ask away. Don't be surprised if you are given the chapter and verse from some part of the reference manual or otherwise treated abruptly. This list does not coddle, but they are generally very knowledgeable and worth listening to.