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I'm new to lua and try to use it for my play-ground examples. 

I have found, that it would be useful to use xpath-expressions to
filter complex xml-documents. The example I found can be seen at 

Well, but I cannot find the corresponding lua-rocks distribution
for it. I was able to found the original site for the project,
but it seems outdated (wrong download link); the correct 
download link I found at archives link at the[3]

I think use LuaRocks is good way instead of just copy sources
directly into project.

Is the project abandoned? May be there is some more modern 
alternative? If it is abandoned and there is no alternative am I
allowed to import it on github (I would like to do fork), create
rock-specs and make/upload as lua-rocks distribution? 



Best regards,
Bασιλίσκος Arcticus ὑπέρnihilisticus 
(aka Ivan Baidakou) <>