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Hello all,

Sailor brought to me excelent perspectives in web development. But,
starting something entirely new is always a challenge.

I decided to change the blog example, given in the documentation, in
other to use it with Sqlite3.

In /conf/conf.lua, I made the following changes:

db.driver = 'sqlite'
db.dbname = '/db/database.dbl'

Having created the subdirectory /dv, inside it, I created a database,
using a modified version of /sql/mysql.sql. The structure was the
same. Changes are made only to do the same with the Sqlite sintax.

I did:

The default page is shown.

I did:

404? Page not found? why? The controler 'category.lua' existis and has
'/category/index.lp' associated.

I tried also:

It's a unlogical attempt, so 404 is shown again.


This is an attempt becose "project" is the name of the application.
However, the launcher is inside the root folder, so I believe the
correct is http://localhost:8080/category

See the last attempt:

Not Found
The requested URL http://localhost:8080/project/category/index was not
found on this server.

My OS is in portuguese; the message, in english. So I know it's an
answer of my local server.

The message does not help, since there's no additional information.

Is there a log support or a debug mode? How can I know what is wrong?

Best regards,

Luciano de Souza