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My current build of luacom.dll has a bug in it (search in this list’s archives for “luacom utf8 truncation problem” if interested – it’s that one, identified in 2010).  I don’t know what version it is.  The file, for what it’s worth, is 129kb and dated 7 aug 2010, and contains no version info, or any other clues to where it came from.  Embarrassingly, I can’t now find any record of where we got it from.  Using ‘Depends’ I have confirmed that it is linked to msvcr100.dll.  We had a whole host of nasty problems till we had ensured that all our dlls linked to the same runtime library.


So – I now need a more recent build of luacom.dll, which fixes the utf8 trunctation problem and which is linked to msvcr100.dll.  Anyone got any suggestions?  The version of luacom.dll that comes with Lua-for-Windows is built with msvcr80.dll.


I have hunted high and low on the web with no success so far.  I can’t even find the version we currently have.  And a few attempts to build the thing myself have also been a miserable failure.  So all help very much appreciated.   Apologies if this is not the right place to post this.