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On 19/02/2015 18:41, Ralph Hempel wrote:
On 02/19/2015 10:57 AM, Lorenzo Donati wrote:

Is there something that can meet my needs? I've briefly searched the
WIKI, but what I found doesn't seem to meet all those requirements.
The module by D.Manura uses Alien, which in turn must be installed via
LuaRocks (years ago I tried installing Alien it without LR and it was a
time-consuming failure). LuaRS232 seems stuck back at Lua 5.1 and
moreover it seems it needs autotools.

I use Luars232 but I crafted my own makefile for it - no big deal if
you're compiling under MinGW for the Win32 target.

I'll see if I can find it on an old hard drive :-)

Resurrecting both hardware and software? A real necromancer art! :-)

Thanks for the effort, anyway I think it wouldn't fit my bill, unless Luars232 can be compiled against Lua 5.3.