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I have a web app that accesses a data-store via Lua CGI scripts. I can connect fine using Basic Authentication. Now I'm trying to connect using Digest Authentication (which until yesterday I knew nothing about) and am getting nowhere. I'm using the http-digest Lua library. It looks like I'm getting part of it right, because I see the server first responds with a 401 and then I get a 204 from the server.

When using Basic Auth, I can get a response from the server using http.request(myUrl, myQuery). It sends me back data and I can go on with my business.

With Digest Auth I use pretty much the same call, http_digest.request(myUrl, myQuery) This is what ultimately results in the 204 response from the server.

So my questions are:1)does that 204 response indicate I'm successfully authenticating? 2)if I am successfully authenticating, how do I get a response to the query I send the server? and 3)if I'm not authenticating, what do I need to do differently?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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