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Hi Luiz,

>This main function only has *two* executable instructions:
>        - an assigment to a global variable 'a' on line 1
>        - an implicit return after line 4

Indeed; I can see it in the luac output.

> See also the output of chunk given by luac -l:
> main <2:0,0> (3 instructions at 0x7f9228c016d0)
> function <2:1,4> (7 instructions at 0x7f9228c01910)

So luac does have the information about the main chunk and the compiled function. Is there any way to get this information using debug.* functions without calling luac or executing the code?

It seems like luac has information about all the levels of functions in the code; for example, the following fragment:

function a()
  local function b()

shows one main chunk and two functions:

main <test.lua:0,0> (3 instructions, 12 bytes at 007B1170)
function <test.lua:1,7> (8 instructions, 32 bytes at 007B12A8)
function <test.lua:3,5> (4 instructions, 16 bytes at 007B1B98)

If luac output does have all this information, why is it not available through .activelines for that chunk? Is there any way to get to it?