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On Wed, 18 Feb 2015 13:17:38 +1300
Geoff Leyland <> wrote:

> Does anyone have experience with, for example, LuaDBI and LuaSQL?  
> It looks like LuaDBI (on googlecode at least) hasn’t been updated 
> since 2010, while LuaSQL dates to 2012.  Any alternatives?  I’ve 
> tended to use one of the SQLite-only drivers in the past, but now I 
> need to connect to Postgres, so it’s probably time I educated myself 
> a bit.

I use LuaDBI extensively - mostly for Postgres, but my code's test suite
passes MySQL and Sqlite3 just fine.

There hasn't been an official version released since 2010, but it's
still being worked on. Source control shows commits from mid-2014 and
should be stable.

The only catch is that it doesn't support Lua 5.2 yet. I am not the
maintainer, but as I need 5.2 support for my purposes it's the next
thing on my todo list.

Aaron B. <>