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> NextEnergy in Detroit, MI expressed some interest. Can you email me any
> details that I can pass on?

About organizing a Lua workshop:

The workshop lasts for two days. The organization is very ligth. We
need a room that accomodates everybody, with a projector, and some
coffe breaks. If possible, it is good to have badges, too. (Some
organizations will demand them.) Social activities are also welcome,
but it can be (and often it is) just something like "let us meet in
<a good bar>". (You will be responsible for suggesting the good bar :-)
Everything else (meals, hotels, travel arrangements) is one's
own problem. (Of course, the organization can suggest hotels and/or

Usually, we have had around 40~60 people, but both the one in Brazil
(2009) and last year in Russia had around 100, with many locals. (Maybe
this is related to Rio and Moscow being very large cities with not so
many similar activities. The other editions had few locals, usually
5~10 from the organization hosting the workshop.)

The dates are flexible, too. Usually it is near the end of the year
(Oct-Nov), but Moscow, for instance, scheduled it earlier because of the
weather there.

Of course, extras are more than welcome :-) Some organizers pay travel
expenses for a few participants in special cases; some provide lunch
boxes (only in the US ;-); some provide or organize a social activity
(e.g., a small cocktail party); some transmit live or record the talks;

-- Roberto