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Hi Etine,

In article
   Etiene Dalcol <> wrote:
> There are many webservers that allow running lua scripts. The top 2 that
> come to mind are Apache and NginX. However they don't allow the execution
> of lua scripts by default, on Apache you need to configure it using a
> --enable-lua flag and then enable the mod_lua module. You can find more
> about it here: And for NginX there's an extension called
> OpenResty ( There's also a webserver in lua called
> Xavante ( As for running then on
> your host service, I guess you would need to contact them!

thank for your answer (and  all the other answers in this thread). I will
probably try to use Apache and enable lua since I need Apache anyway for

> 2015-02-06 16:37 GMT+01:00 Michael Gerbracht <>:
> > I don't know whether it is possible to run a lua script on a webserver.
> > Can you give me some hint whether this is possible and what it required
> > to get it running? Also, is it likely that my hoster (
> > will allow me to run a lua script on my website?