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> [...]
> Sounds like a non-compliant implementation to me.
> >and Roberto:
> >
> >>I guess the best solution is not to use lines/gmatch at all, but
> >>read/match (or find).  See [1] for something similar.
> >>
> >>[1]
> This says nothing about the reference manual, tho. (or am I missing
> something?)

I don't think you are missing something. My point has nothing to do
with the manual. I just prefer the solution without 'lines'/'gmatch',
independently of whether you need to keep a state. (I think it is
simpler, because 'read' is simpler than 'lines' and 'find'/'match'
is simpler than 'gmatch'.)

Otherwise, I guess the manual is clear about these two functions
returning only an iteration function that can be called (with no
specifed parameters) to get a "next" element.

-- Roberto