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We've improved the tools used to generate the browsable source code at

The name index looks better and is more useful now:

I still don't know what to do about multiple definitions of the same name
in the same file, such as l_mathop in luaconf.h, which are selected at
run time. At least, all of them are listed in the name index. It's just
that only one can be the target of links...

There should be few mislinks now. Some remain in common words used in
comments, such as 'cast', 'mask', 'next', 'trim'. Of these, only 'next'
is used outside comments, and links to a macro in llex.c, which may be

If you find anything else that is wrong or just surprising, please let
us know. If all goes well, we'll convert the source code of 5.2 and 5.1
using the new tools.

Thanks. Enjoy.