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On Tue, Feb 03, 2015 at 13:06:57 +0000, Matthew Wild wrote:
> Thanks to Hisham for organising the BoF session at FOSDEM on Sunday!
> And thanks to everyone who came.

Indeed, it was nice to see you all (some again) and to listen to the chatting
about things like collaborative maintenance of some of the more commonly used
abandonware packages.

> I look forward to all the positive outcomes from the various
> discussions at the event :)

Remember that Pepperfish is happy to discuss hosting of things if people want
to provide community services but don't have anywhere to put them.  Obviously
github exists as does readthedocs so those services are available for all, but
if you want to run your own code then we can discuss hosting donations for
community projects.


Daniel Silverstone               
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