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oops the volume field is bolded too in the rendering.

On 2/02/2015 10:00 PM, Brenton Horne wrote:

I am very new to lua programming but I'd like to write citation modules on my Wiki (e.g., see which I copy-pasted from the English Wikipedia but is giving script errors) and I'd like to know if yas know any free introductions to lua programming for Wikia sites. It would also help if someone could write me a simple lua module that could be rendered as (where each variable appears as it is entered into the module.):

last1, first1; last2, first2; last3, first3; ...; last(n), first(n) (date). "title". journal. volume (issue): pages. doi:doi. PMC pmc. PMID pmid.

Where underlined fields are the identifier in question hyperlinked to their respective website (for doi it is, e.g., for doi = 10.1093/humupd/dmr022. For PMID it is For PMC it is http://

I find examples like this allow me far more than introductory texts like the one I'm asking for, so thanks in advance.

Thanks for your time,