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Are you aware that by choosing to answer to a random topic to create a new thread (instead of creating a new message), you loose visibility from those, like me, that view the list in trees of threads, and just mark as read the topics we are not interested in?

On 23/01/2015 15:47, Geoffrey Tipton wrote:
Anyone looking for or doing magnification of lua?

I thought it was about minification?

I know removing the parsers a large
chunk, but still a struggle to get it to less than 100K. Having a Lua Mobile
implementation could make major inroads into mobile platforms, forget the Iphone or
Android Monster platforms, look at the Feature phones and other market leaders in the
mobile arena looking to get smart phone features onto minimal platforms, FirefoxOS has
started, but the issue is these platforms have 100K as the maximum available space for
deployed OS builds, getting it in there would allow feature phone developers a massive
market, that is 10 times larger than Iphone and Android combined. Any way, the build
and magnification process is a bit over my head, as a LUA developer and not a C++
programmer, I don’t have the technical understanding of C/C++ to do this effectively.

There are embedded versions of Lua with very small footprint. Have you looked at these?

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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