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Hello, all! I am happy to announce the v2.0.3-3.1 release of Lua-SDL2, a
libsdl2 binding for Lua.

This is the first announced release of Lua-SDL2 since David Demelier
transferred maintainership to me.

The main feature of this release is Lua 5.3 compatability. A few
adjustments were also made to the build system to allow playing nice
with Luarocks.


Lua-SDL2 provides a binding to the features of the Simple Directmedia
Layer library, including creating windows, drawing graphics, playing
audio, and receiving keyboard, mouse, and joystick input.

The sdl-net, sdl-image, sdl-mixer, and sdl-ttf helper libraries are also

Lua-SDL2 supports Lua versions 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3, as well as LuaJIT. SDL
versions 2.0.1 and up are supported.


The Lua-SDL2 source may be obtained from Github:

It is also available via Luarocks, by installing the "lua-sdl2" rock.

Have fun,
-Joseph Wallace