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On Wed, Jan 28, 2015, 21:34 Daurnimator <> wrote:

On 28 January 2015 at 13:49, Aapo Talvensaari
<> wrote:

Why the `resty-` prefix?
There is nothing in there I can see specific to openresty.

I know. It's just that all my Lua libs have that. It's just a name. I have also seen lj, luajit, ffi etc. prefixes and suffixes used. I haven't thought about the reasons too much... just that it may promote OpenResty a little bit (peole may see that OpenResty comes batteries included when they for example Google resty-libs). I don't know. Maybe this could be included in CoolProp repository in a future where it could be renamed. I already made a issue where this could be discussed. I'm also looking how this could be improved. Fluent API? More Helpers? etc.