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FYI, I found two programs using Lua which are currently not mentioned
on or

The first is clink, which provides "Powerful Bash-style command line
editing for cmd.exe" (see More than
that, clink can be extended through a Lua API, enabling the user to
provide customized tab-press auto-complete. I used one of the provided
hooks to change the prompt to '#' and displaying the current directory
in the window title bar (suddenly feeling much more comfortable).

If you have to work on Windows, give it a try.

The second is still a little mistery to me, but in the process of
upgrading to a new version of SAS
(, I stumbled upon the
output capabilities to Excel (OOXML), apparently using Lua, according
to this (
paper. I have not found any official documentation for this, but the
Output Delivery System User Guide starts citing the Lua License (see

If anyone can shed a light on this, please do.