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In the time-honored tradition of Compat-5.1[1] and Compat-5.2[2] I'm happy to announce the first release (version 0.1) of Compat-5.3, a compatibility module that tries to make Lua 5.1/5.2 more like the new and shiny Lua 5.3. Compat-5.3 consists of a Lua module (plus some accompanying C modules backported from the Lua 5.3 source) and a set of .h/.c files which provide most of the Lua 5.3 API, both Lua standard library functions and C API, for projects using Lua 5.1 or Lua 5.2. Using the new Lua 5.3 API everywhere can now be as easy as `#include "compat-5.3.h"` or `require("compat53")`! More information (what's implemented, what is not) is in the README at the bottom of the Github page[3].

The Lua API part of Compat-5.3 is also available as a rock on Moonrocks[4] (so the usual `luarocks install compat53` should work), while you can get the C API part directly from the Github repository[5]. Both parts are MIT-licensed.

Feedback, contributions, and pull requests are welcome!