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On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 2:33 AM, DouOlivia <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> Should have performed a search in the list first, but I’m afraid I cannot
> come out with a good query. Here’s the question: Is there a library that can
> calculate the ratio of numberic or alphanumeric words in a given string (the
> actual scenario is to use a document’s content so the string will be very
> long)? E.g  for string “34 aaa A-7SXD bbb ccc”, the ratio is calculated as
> 0.4.
> Thanks.

Seems like a simple task for Lua's pattern matching:

function countMatches(str, pat)
    local c = 0
    for word in str:gmatch(pat) do c = c + 1 end
    return c

testStr = "34 aaa A-7SXD bbb ccc"
local ratio = countMatches(testStr, '%d+') / countMatches(testStr, '[%a%p]+')
assert(ratio == 0.4)

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