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I'd like to announce another release of luacheck[1], 0.8.0.

luacheck is a static analyzer and a linter for Lua which detects
issues like accidental globals, unused variables and values, etc.
It is fairly configurable and can be used as a part of automated testing,
manually from the command line or inside an editor[2].
It can be installed using LuaRocks.

Overview of changes in 0.8.0:

* New system for filtering warnings using warning codes;
* New diagnostics: uninitialized variables, unreachable code,
  shadowing definitions (can be noisy), etc.;
* Globals can be marked as read-only (most standard globals like `string` are);
* Per-directory option overrides in config;
* Removed all dependencies (luafilesystem is still mentioned in the rockspec
  and is used to check directories recursively, but luacheck can run
without it);
* Added `luacheck.bat` wrapper for Windows (thanks to Andrew Starks).

Any feedback is welcome.