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A tiny package for amalgamated compilation of Lua 5.3 is now available at

It includes three files: Makefile, README, and one.c.

Here is the README:


This code builds Lua 5.3 as a single file. This reduces the public symbols
to the official C API and gives the compiler more room for optimization.

The Makefile builds three files: the standalone interpreter lua,
the compiler luac, and liblua.o, which is the whole Lua library
as a single object file ready to be linked into your application.

Place this directory inside the src directory in the Lua distribution,
which you can get at

Then do "make" with a suitable target.

If you want to place this directory somewhere else, edit Makefile and
change the variable SRC to point to the src directory in the Lua distribution.
You can also give the value of SRC in the command line, as for instance in
	make SRC=/tmp/lua-5.3.0/src macosx

These files are distributed under the Lua license:


All feedback welcome. Enjoy.