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2015-01-12 17:53 GMT+08:00 tjhack <>:
2015-01-12 17:44 Johnson Lin<>:

>Hello tjhack,

>Did you read my message first though? Do you absolutely need to keep the cp950 encoding in your script files? For >what reason?


Thanks, I have read it but our game's source script is encoding in cp936. And it is a large work to trans to utf8 and i can not decide it.

best wishes

Hey there,

Even if that's the case, I would still urge you to investigate a way to automate this encoding conversion and made your scripts into utf8.

GB and Big5 are both obsolete. And all workarounds have their limits. For Big5's 許功蓋 issue, usually the lowest cost way of fixing it is somehow add in an additional escape ('\') where the mangled character resides. But then you wouldn't be able to store the string in a human readable form; or, encapsulate all related string usages with a function call that parses the raw byte data, and then seek to where the additional escape are needed and put it in.

But for some other usages, that additional escape may surprisingly (or rather not surprisingly) cause other problems.