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How are the various limits in Lua below related to the size of the
operands in Lua bytecode instruction? I assume that if the operand A
is 7-bits then MAXREGS must be set to <= 127?

MAXVARS (in lparser.c)
MAXREGS (in lcode.c)
LUAI_MAXCCALLS in (llimits.h)
MAXUPVAL (in llimits.h)

I am trying to determine what values to set these to given following
adjustment to lopcodes.h:

** size and position of opcode arguments.
#define SIZE_C 8
#define SIZE_B 8
#define SIZE_Bx (SIZE_C + SIZE_B)
#define SIZE_A 7
#define SIZE_Ax (SIZE_C + SIZE_B + SIZE_A)

#define SIZE_OP 9

Thanks and Regards