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I am pleased to announce a new release of LuaSQLite3 (lsqlite3), 0.9.3.

LuaSQLite3 provides a means to manipulate SQLite3 databases directly from lua using Lua 5.

The preferred installation is via LuaRocks.

The source code repository is where there is also on-line documentation.

This release brings the following improvements:

Fixed bug in PUSH_INT64 macro for Lua < 5.3 introduced in version 0.9.2 (thanks Tony P)

- Added db:load_extension() function to support SQLite extension libraries.

- Added lversion() function to report library version, e.g., "0.9.3".

- Added some tests for new functions and Lua 5.3 64-bit integers in the database.

- Fixed longstanding bug: if db is no longer live, it is auto-closed by gc, but there may still be live prepared statements. Executing these statements would produce an SQLite error. Prepared statements now hold a reference to the db to prevent it from being collected while the prepared statement is live. Manually closing the db will continue to finalize the statements, as before.