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On 06/01/2015 13:37, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
Lua 5.3.0 (rc4) is now available for testing at

MD5	a1b0a7e92d0c85bbff7a8d27bf29f8af  -
SHA1	1c46d1c78c44039939e820126b86a6ae12dadfba  -

This is a release candidate for the final release of Lua 5.3.0.

A few things have changed since beta that we'd like to test in the wild.
In particular, we made some changes in luaconf.h and in the Makefile
that we'd like to test. Please try compiling the current code in as many
platforms as possible. We expect the compilation will go smoothly as usual
but please report any warnings or other glitches.

We'd also like feedback on the documentation:

Finally, for those of you into this, please test luac -l -l on your
scripts, just to make sure we haven't missed anything with the new
VM instructions etc.

The main change in Lua 5.3.0 is the introduction of integers. See also

The complete diffs are available at

An updated test suite is available at

All feedback welcome. Thanks.

I don't know if feedback on typos in code comments are welcome, but in the newly added fragment of code in the diff there is one:

> ** $Id: loadlib.c,v 1.124 2015/01/05 13:51:39 roberto Exp $
> /*
> ** Macro to covert pointer to void* to pointer to function. This cast
> ** is undefined according to ISO C, but POSIX assumes that it must work.
> ** (The '__extension__' in gnu compilers is only to avoid warnings.)
> */

see "Macro to *convert*" instead of "*covert*".

-- Lorenzo