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I noticed this minor issue in the manual for Lua 5.2, but it still exists in 5.3-rc3.

The 4th parameter of lua_pcall is called "msgh", but the 4th parameter of lua_pcallk is called "errfunc". These should have the same name as they mean the same thing, and the documentation of one refers to the other.

It seems that msgh is now the preferred form since it was changed to this in 5.2 (along with related terminology), but errfunc may have snuck back in because it is still used in the source code to declare lua_pcallk. On that note, the name used in the documentation should match the declaration in the source code, so the source may need to be changed to use msgh as well. (This doesn't apply to lua_pcall since it is declared as a macro which may have contributed to this problem occurring.)

Thanks for your time,