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> You are right, looks like pow() does strange things with a base of zero:
> [...]
> 0       -3      -inf    inf
> /usr/local/bin/lua: math.lua:155: assertion failed!

In fact, systems have conflicts about it:

The POSIX documentation says this:

  For y an odd integer < 0, if x is ±0, a pole error shall occur and
  ±HUGE_VAL, ±HUGE_VALF, and ±HUGE_VALL shall be returned for pow(),
  powf(), and powl(), respectively.

So, +0^-3 should be +inf. But the ISO documentation does not include
these details. It only says that "A domain error may occur if x is zero
and y is less than or equal to zero.". So, it seems more honest to exclude
those cases for the tests.

-- Roberto