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On 05/01/2015 14:40, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
In section 4.7, paragraph before the last, there is a punctuation typo
(swapped full-stop and closing parenthesis):

(For these two functions, Lua will not call the continuation in case of
errors, because they do not handle errors*.)*

We always use the stop inside the parentheses when the whole sentence
is inside the parentheses. This seems to be a common rule. (As someone
wrote in stack exchange, if we removed the parenthetical portion the
text should still be correct.)

-- Roberto

Yes, I stand corrected.

Upon further reading, I was going to signal further instances of this "problem" but it seemed too widespread in the manual to be due to typos, so I double checked from some English grammar sources (see below).

It seems that there are two styles of using parentheses, the one I was proposing, which is identical to the Italian style, and then the "entire sentence between parentheses", which I was unaware of. I checked only superficially, but this latter seems not to be used in Italian, and I never saw it in practice. I was sure that the rules were the same in English and Italian.

You always learn something! :-)

-- Lorenzo