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On 05/01/2015 12:11, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
Does the introduction of integers slow the interpreter so much (it
is the only architectural change I know of that could possibly
affect so much the tests)? Since I got some compilation warnings
(see another subthread) I tried to recompile with different TDM-GCC
versions, but to no avail: lua 5.3 is a crawl compared to the
previous versions.

The use of 64-bit integers in 32-bit architectures may slow down the
interpreter a little bit, for some programs, but nothing close to what
you are relating.  A difference from a couple of seconds to 3 minutes
is completely unexpected. (In my machine, the worst cases are in the
order of 10~20%, with several programs being not affected or running
even faster.)

Yep, as I said, that was what I expected to pay to have my cake (64bit int/float Lua) and eat it too (32bit executables). It is a very reasonable tradeoff. I'll try to apply Luiz' and Philipp Janda's suggestion and will report back.

-- Roberto