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On 05/01/2015 01:42, Eduardo Tongson wrote:
Hi Lorenzo,

Maybe for 32bit code you should compile with LUA_32BITS defined.

Thanks for the pointer, but I'd much prefer using an interpreter with defaults settings. Besides that, if I get it right, that option also sets lua floating point numbers to 32bit, which is unacceptable for my uses (I need IEEE 754 double precision arithmetic).

Anyway, the problem for me is, if the performance drop is confirmed, that Lua 5.3 *is a regression from previous versions*. 64bit integer operations are interesting, but not worth a *huge* performance drop (for me, at least): mind, I'm not talking of some 10-20% performance drop, but some x10 (or worse) slower code! Too much for features that I will use only seldom. After all, if you really need 64bit integer math and bitwise operators on a 32bit machine, you can write a C library for that, without impacting code which ran fast on previous versions. Yes, bitops are nice, but not worth such a performance hit. One of the thing I love of Lua is that it is probably the fastest scripting language and I never really had to resort to C just for lack of performance (in my use cases).